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      Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Company Ltd.

      ACE was established in Hong Kong back in 1982 as an engineering company to provide services to the professional audio, video and lighting industry. Since its establishment over 35 years ago, ACE has gained a reputable position in the industry, having been partners with many industry leaders, such as the Harman Professional, Shure, Dolby Laboratories, Christie Digital, Clay Paky and MA Lighting, to supply equipment and provide system integration services in China, Hong Kong and Macau. Since its formation in Hong Kong, ACE has since then expanded its coverage to most major cities in China, with branches set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Xi’an and Chengdu, each with its own technical support team and service department, as well as localized sales and marketing teams ready to serve the whole China market. Our customers came from a wide range of background of different industries, ranging from TV stations and recording studios, to cinemas and convention centers. In addition to equipment distribution, ACE also provides professional services such as consultation, system design and integration,on-site support for live events as well as training and services. Having been part of many projects and events of both national and International level, our technical team has garnered valuable experiences and developed a respectable professionalism, eager to serve projects of any scale and size. Each year, ACE sells hundreds of thousands of equipment, all of which have an expected product life cycle of over 5 years. Realizing the importance of after sale services, our company has placed the utmost emphasis in providing the most comprehensive services and trainings to our customers. We understand that down-time caused by equipment failure can be costly to our customers, so while the products we represent are known to be highly reliable in addition to providing the best in class performances, we keep an abundant of spare parts in stock, ready for any situation that may arise. We also provide application seminar and product training, to both our customers and our own staff, so that our customers can have a peace of mind when purchasing products from ACE. It is our mission to satisfy the needs of our customers with state-of-art products and world class services.