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      ACE Continues to Partner with SHURE China over its BLX Wireless Systems
      DATE:2019/9/21  VIEW:866

      SHURE Greater China has once again authorized the status of important BLX channel partner of Shure China to ACE. Such a powerful industrial alliance demonstrates Shure’s great trust in ACE and ACE’s strength.

      ACE partners with SHURE

      It’s the second time that Shure specially granted ACE the status as the important BLX channel partner of Shure China, distinguishing it from ordinary dealers, which reflects Shure’s significant recognition to ACE and the sincerity and determination of both sides over deeper cooperation. We believe the powerful alliance is set to meet customer demands, lead the industry forward, hammer out and excellent system integration plans, to contribute to industrial development!

      ACE grabs market share with power and services

      ACE has a profound understanding of market demands and what customers want. Onsite training sessions free of charge have been organized at irregular intervals at the Shure Product Experience Center in Shanghai, where we shared with the trainees’ product information and taught them how to adjust and use the products, bringing dealers, project contractors and direct users into full play.

      ▲ Onsite training at the Shure Product Experience Center

      In addition, ACE would hold the Nationwide Shure Product Technical Exchanges annually, where our professional engineers would conduct wireless technology training with the equipment across China to enable more technicians in the industry to use wireless management technology proficiently. At the same time, ACE would also update the industry on product information as soon as any new product is launched in such ways as its official WeChat account, its official website, industrial expos, and technical road shows & exchanges.

      ▲Technical exchanges of SHURE products on a national tour

      We not only sell products,But offers best services.

      Founded in 1982, Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Company Ltd. (ACE) is professional A/V system integration solution provider well known in China and the agent for many world-renowned brands. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, and Shenyang, each having professional technical support, service department, and a sales team that can reach the entire China market. We can provide comprehensive and systematic solutions to any customer demands.

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