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      MA Masters Class Training in Guangzhou
      DATE:2019/9/20  VIEW:820

      The MA Masters Class Training (Guangzhou) was jointly held by Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Company Ltd. (ACE), Guangzhou Haoyang Electronics Co., Ltd., and MA WORKSHOP (Germany) from 16th to 18th September.

      We were very honored to have invited Mr. Paul Collison, the famous Australian lighting designer, to teach programming, lighting design, visual and virtual programming, and network architecture, who was accompanied by Mr. ZHANG Wei, Lighting Department Manager of ACE, which is the general agent for MA China. In the three-day training, Mr. Paul Collison shared his expertise in consoles and introduced the features and programming principles of the new-generation MA3 system to help trainees get a deeper understanding of the lighting console technology in various aspects.

      Onsite training in retrospect

      Onsite registration

      The trainees came very early to register and collect materials.

      Training class in retrospect

      The three-day training was fruitful, as Mr. Paul Collison shared his expertise with the trainees unreservedly, from the basics of lighting design and lighting programming methods to MA network management and pixel matrix layout and then to SFX programming and MA3.

      Trainees were conscientiously learning.

      Trainees were interacting with teachers during breaks.

      Trainees were exchanging ideas with each other during breaks.

      Certificate-awarding ceremony

      With the three-day MA training coming to a successful ending, the organizers awarded trainees certificates who all thought it not only offered an overview of MA consoles that helped them improve their skills but gave them an opportunity to get to know people from across the country and understand more about each other with a vision for shared development and progress in the industry.

      Mr. Paul Collison was making his signature on the certificates

      Certificates were being awarded

      In the end, we would like to thank Mr. Paul Collison for his coaching, all the trainees for their strong support, and the staff for their hard work at organizing the training. The MA Masters Class Training (Guangzhou) was successfully concluded, but more professional training is to be held by ACE in the future, where you’re welcome to participate, in a bid to make concerted efforts for technological progress of China’s performing art equipment industry.

      Until next time,
      Let’s meet again for the MA Masters Class Training
      In Beijing

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