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      Perfect matches contributed to national tour of Mount Yimeng by Shandong Opera House
      DATE:2019/8/1  VIEW:800

      Perfect matches

      SHURE ADX digital wireless system + RF Venue antenna system

      Soundcraft Vi series consoles + Tascam DA6400 multi-track audio recorder

      Contributed to national tour of Mount Yimeng

      In times of war, the Party members, the government, the military and the people in the revolutionary base of Mount Yimeng shared weal and woe. This revolutionary history has become a widely-known and immortal classic story of Red China. Mount Yimeng, a large national opera created in the context of such a history, was put on stage in Shandong as a part of its national tour. Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Company Ltd. (ACE) was privileged to be invited to design and set up the audio system for the performance and provide technical support at the Shandong Opera House.

      The mixer used the ADX digital wireless system, the latest flagship product of SHURE, in conjunction with RF Venue antenna system. Such a perfect match helped ensure the safety, stability, and efficiency of the entire wireless audio system. 

      Different from common antennas, the Diversity Fin (DFIN) Antenna of RF Venue is directional on the vertical and omnidirectional on the horizontal, allowing it to receive both vertically and horizontally polarized RF signals. So diversity is achieved with just a single antenna in a narrow space.

      The ADX wireless system used 52 channels for the event, and the WWB6 wireless workbench software and the AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager were used to scan the onsite environment to work out enough available frequency points so that many wireless microphones could be safely used at the same time.

      The ADX1 bodypack transmitter can be used in conjunction with the AXT600 and the AD610 to achieve the powerful functions of real-time control, automatic frequency hopping, and interference avoidance. The ADX wireless system is the preferred choice for large live shows.

      It’s really a powerful combination! 117 channels of input were used. In terms of the type of mixing consoles, Soundcraft’s flagship product Vi5000 was used as the primary console and its Vi3000 as the secondary console. With a multifunctional input screen, a Soundcraft Vi console could support synchronous operations of several people with no influence on each other. Such function was even expanded in the context of a primary console and a secondary one. And the system was safer compared to traditional mixing.

      The Dante digital audio network 52-channel wireless ADX system was adopted for system connection, and local computer used the Dante soundcard to play 10-channel surround audio effects. With just a single network cable, all the connections could transmit 64-channel audio, replacing traditional analog cables, which saved economic and labour costs.

      In terms of system backup, the TASCAM DA6400 multitrack recorder was used for the Dante multitrack recording, allowing whole-process recording of performance file. It’s really a powerful tool for file backup.

      For lighting + video system analysis, please click the link below:

      Profound military-civil relations reappeared in the National opera Mount Yimeng.

      Contact us

      ACE has now become the exclusive agent for the ADX digital wireless system and the RF Venue antenna system. At the same time, ACE’s high-end wireless service team will offer customers high-end services, including a series of perfect wireless technology solutions, such as onsite environment detection, wireless system setup, confirmation of the number and type of wireless channels, planning of wireless frequency points, wireless system tuning, and wireless system real-time monitoring. If you need any services, please contact us!
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