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      2019 New Product Technical Exchange in Chengdu
      DATE:2019/8/5  VIEW:714


      An important city in West China

      That takes the leading position in western region economy

      With countless business opportunities 

      On 29th July 2019, the engineering and performing arts departments of the subsidiary of Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Company Ltd. (ACE) in Guangzhou held the new product technical exchange at the Jinsha Theater, the first of its kind in Chengdu in 2019. The event started at 13:45 and closed at 17:20, with over 120 participants that included industry experts, specialists from TV stations, performing groups, project contractors, and various channel product clients, who appreciated the new products.

      The new products for this technical exchange included JBL VTX A8, JBL VTX B18, JBL VRX900, and Soundcraft Vi series.

      JBL VTX A8 is JBL’s brand-new 3-way dual 8" line array loudspeaker with 4 midrange drivers and 2 high-frequency drivers for which JBL’s patented technology is used. Various acoustical and physical factors have been taken into account in the set-up of the cabinet and internal units to make the sounds in all frequency ranges of the horn units in concert with each other for high fidelity. In terms of suspension angles, the new JBL VTX A8 offers 11 angles for suspension ranging from 0.25 to 10, to meet various suspension needs. Used in conjunction with the JBL VTX A8, the JBL VTX B18 is a single 18" subwoofer with a rated power of 1,300W and a rated impedance of 8 Ω, which is the best supplement to A8 with its strong and elastic bass effects. JBL VTX A8 and JBL VTX B18 can be combined as the best solution for a wide range of applications that include theaters, stadiums, clubs, and outdoor performances.

      The JBL VRX900 series is another type of line array loudspeakers presented in the event. With constant curvature, the JBL VRX900 series includes the JBL VRX932 full range line array loudspeaker and the JBL VRX918S used in conjunction with it. The former is a two-way single 12" woofer (rated power: 800W) with the 3-driver horn as the MF and HF, while the latter is a single 18" subwoofer (rated power: 800W). The two can be combined to be applied to small and medium sized houses of worship, stadiums, multifunction halls, and small and medium sized outdoor performances.

      The Soundcraft Vi series has 5 types of digital consoles, each with different purposes, of which the Vi1000, the Vi2000, and the Vi3000 have a certain amount of I/O interfaces, and the Vi5000 and the Vi7000 have their operation interface and interface box detached from each other. Built with the essence of Soundcraft, the Vi series can create more I/O channels by increasing interface boxes. With a powerful portfolio of functions that include the mirror hot backup, as well as simple operations, the Vi series has the best backup functionality among its high-end digital counterparts on the market, applicable to large-scale and important venues.

      The engineers who made their presentations during the event have extensive practical experience of many years. They not only invited many participants to appreciate the sound quality of the products by listening to them, but encouraged them to interact in Q&A, in an attempt to make a deeper impression on the participants and allow the new products to continue to play their part in various projects and to bring our customers brand new experience.
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